Saturday, March 30, 2013

One Week

Wow! Where were we exactly one week ago at this time? Our whole family was relaxing, the babies sleeping soundly in bed with NO idea that our lives were about to change drastically. In one hour it will mark one week since Baby had her first seizure. In so many ways it seems like a month ago and in others just yesterday. So much has happened in these last few days that it's hard to wrap my mind around it. We've prayed for other families going through similar situations in the past, but I never thought we'd walk this path. Here we all are... where God is guiding us through. A 48 hour seizure-free baby sleeping soundly in the big hospital bed in front of me.

I am SO thankful! Thankful for so much. For this little life, for the doctors, the nurses, this hospital, modern medicine and my wonderful family. I'm also thankful that we are allowed to be here with her 24/7, for the sunny weather outside, the comfy (for a hospital) beds we have. I am so, so thankful God saw fit to bring Baby into our lives almost 11 months ago. We have been so blessed by this little one!!! So incredibly changed forever!

We are especially thankful for all our friends and the MANY and countless blessings you have been to us. Thank you for the encouraging music, blogs and letters you have all sent. Thank you for spreading the word to get people praying for Baby! We have had total strangers write and call us with encouragement! How beautiful is the body of Christ! Thank you for being here for us, calling us, feeding us and mostly for lifting Baby and our whole family up in prayer. You'll never know what a gift you are to us!

We can't help but wonder about all the unsaved people around us. How do they handle this? We've seen first hand how they handle it... they don't. They can't. Because they don't HAVE a Hope! I can only hope and pray that by seeing all this, because of Baby's life, they will see Jesus.

We have an extremely long and uncertain road in front of us. So many unknowns to us poor humans. Thankfully we trust in our Father who created this little lady and He knows her from the inside out. Every cell, vessel and muscle was crafted by Him! He knows what's "working" and what's not. He holds Baby in His hands. His eyes have never been off of her for a second since even before she was born! He knew her and loved her before any of us even had a thought of her! He loves her even more than we do. She is HIS child! Not the court's, not her birth parents, not ours. HIS alone. And He has her days all planned out. He will reveal His plan through His power.

Praise the Lord! Remember He came to save us. He died for us. He rose for us. And He lives even today, for us. Let us bring Him glory!

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