Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Mother

My mom has always been a great example to me growing up. 
She always made sure we had the basics... full bellies, clean clothes, good sleep, play time, changed our diapers and took us to doctor/dentist appointment.  We were kept safe and clean, taught good manners and how to pick up our room, do our chores and how to share. 
These things are just the basics.  The things all kids should have.  The truth is, not all kids get a mother like I do!  Some kids don't even get the basic love and care like this.  Their booboos go unkissed, their stories go unlistened to and they are stuck in front of a TV never to see the inside of a book, not to mention, never hearing the name of Jesus!  It makes me extra thankful to know I am extra blessed because I have a mother who goes above and beyond just these "basics".  She lives a very selfless life.  She is a living example of how God designed the wife and mother to be.  She loves and cares for us in a million and one quiet and thankless ways.  There are so many things you don't even notice she's done until she's not there.  She's always the first one up, even if she's had a long night with a baby.  She'll suddenly have "nothing important to do" and sit and hold a child needing some extra love and attention.  Even when she was fed up with the foster care system she didn't hesitate to say yes to another!  Honestly, if it weren't for Mama's tireless research Abbie would still be seizing daily and continue to take steps backward.  Her "time off" would be to go grocery shopping or her own doctor's appointment and not on a coffee date like lots of women get to.  Especially since Abbie got sick she has not gone many places.  When she does go out, it's for church, doctors appointments or therapy. 
And this is all her choice!  She does it because it is God's calling on her life and she lives faithfully for His glory and not her own.  I know how blessed I am to have the opportunity to be taught and trained by this amazing mother and hope one day I can be like her!