Saturday, March 22, 2014

One Whole Year!

Today marks ONE WHOLE YEAR since Abbie got sick!  Remember?

I will never forget that terrible day when I found her seizing only to have her go limp and lifeless one moment and back to convulsions the next. It's been a hard, ugly, beautiful, growing and BLESSED year! The Lord is SO good! He is SO faithful! He is SO powerful! Even though a year later, we don't have a ton of answered questions, we know we serve a God Who knows all.
 It is Him alone who has preserved her life and has every little detail under control. The same God who created the sky, animals and trees (oh, and He made the stars too) knows this little one of His from the inside out and knows what each day ahead will bring. And guess what? It is ALL for His glory alone! None of this is a mistake. But all of this happened to bring glory to His name! Even through all the "tough", we are honored and blessed to have had a front row seat to His awesomeness!

We look forward to what God will do in the year ahead and pray that through our precious Abbie, others will be drawn to the one true God!