Thursday, March 23, 2017

Dropped the Ball... but trying to catch it again!

I have totally dropped the ball on this blogging thing!  I honestly have every intention to write, but with the busyness of life, the lack of faithful internet/power, the hard things as well as the beautiful things God is doing, it gets to be overwhelming to figure out how to put things into words and get caught up and wrapped up into a single blog post!

It's been a year and a half now since I first (and FINALLY) stepped foot and the beautiful, red Ugandan dirt!
I don't really know what my expectations were, but I know my heart was in a good place and was a completely open and empty page for God to write the story as He chose to.  Sadly, I can't always say I am surrendered to His plan for me.  Surrender continues to be a daily exercise as He is always leading and bringing new opportunities as well as drawing me away from others.  His plans are far better than my own!  He has done so much more than I ever dared to dream or pray for!

As before, my ministry here will take priority over blogging, but I do intend to keep it up and not allow it to become an overwhelming task.  As a teen I remember searching, reading and eating up any blog or information about Uganda.  I remember trying to imagine what life must be like here and I believe God used those blogs to further my desire to come to Uganda.  If God can use this one to grow that in someone else's heart, then I want to share!

While it is beautiful and amazing here, it is also tough and painful.  But that is also what life is like in America or Europe or anywhere else!  We are all learning and growing and serving where God has us.  This is just my life.  This is just one simple blog among millions.  But I want to be faithful to use the lessons and opportunities God brings my way, to bless and encourage others.