Saturday, August 15, 2015

Uganda Details!

The application process is over and I can now share the details of what I'll be doing in Uganda with you!
I have wanted to go to Uganda since I was a little girl and we hosted the African Children's Choir.  There have been opportunities here and there and one time I had even finished the application process to work at an orphanage there and didn't feel like it was quite God's timing yet.  I'm thankful I didn't go, because Abbie ended up getting sick and I was able to be here with my family for that hard time in our lives.  When we were still in the hospital with Abbie, this family wrote with a need for a Missionary Associate (someone to help their family with homeschooling and other tasks).  I turned it down because I wanted to be here for my family.  Now, with Abbie doing much better and such, I contacted them again in June asking if they'd have a need for someone like me and they said yes!  They are in the process of adopting their 9th blessing and find themselves busy with many things for that.  So I fly out early September on a one way ticket because I want my time there to be open to be used however the Lord leads.  I am estimating a year or so in Uganda and will be able to use my extra time to see first hand many different ministries and orphanages to see if the Lord will lead somewhere like that for a more long term in the future. 
Most of all I want my life to be surrendered to what His will for me is, so I'm praying for direction and clarity as I follow His leading!  It's exciting and scary to take this next step!