Saturday, November 3, 2012

Beautiful Colors

I hate the term "race" when it is used to refer to one's skin color.  Why can't we just say "skin color"? 
 I am not of the "white race", I am of the "human race".  Our Little Man is not of the "black race", but is also of the "human race"... same as me and you.
When I'm filling out a paper and am asked to give my race, I am SO tempted to just put "human" down and see what happens. 
Yesterday a little girl was telling our 2 year old that she was black.  I don't think it was meant to be mean or anything, she was just stating a fact.  And today our 4 year old told me he didn't want me to rub his lotion in, but let it stay on top of his skin so he could be "white, white, white".  I told him God made him beautiful brown because He knew he would look the most handsome that way.  But this little man insisted that he really wanted to be white.  So I told him about when I was little and prayed that God would turn me a beautiful brown, but God didn't answer that prayer because He created me just the color He wanted me to be.  We went on talking about all the other people we know who have beautiful colors on their skin and how many pretty colors God made us in and how God made every single color we see.  God didn't make any of these colors to be better or more beautiful than others.  All of us are beautiful colors!
Check out this perfect video for kids (and adults too *wink*)!