Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Illegal Truth

This is the film we made with some friends several years ago and entered into the San Antonio Independant Christian Film Festival where it placed as a finalist. 
My dear friend Samantha has worked a long time to get the rights to the beautiful song at the end so we could post it on YouTube... and we were finally able to!
This film is set in what might be future America.  If we continue to head the direction we are going, we will become like so many other countries where the Truth is illegal. 
We are so very spoiled here in America. We have so many Bibles, studies, radio stations, churches, books, apps, videos etc and yet we are probably some of the weakest Christians in the world. Believers who have to gather in secret are sometimes tortured and martyerd for Chirst. Are we willing to still follow our Lord when things get that bad?  Pray for our country!  And VOTE in the elections!!!  Be a voice.  Sometimes we step back and say, "God's will".  And yes, it IS His will that will be done, but He uses us to fullfill His perfect plan!