Sunday, September 16, 2012

Where You Are

God showed me very recently that I really am needed right where I am.
  This probably isn't a huge shock to any of you, but was a great revelation to me.  Satan often whispers his lies to make us doubt and stray from where God wants us.  Sometimes I feel dumb and useless and in the way, but it's Satan distracting me from doing what I should be doing right here and right now.  The Evil One has used that for me to waste precious time and moments that I could have been using to build up my Lord's Kingdom.  Most women my age have graduated college, started careers or are raising their own families, but I have done none of that and to the world I'm sure my life looks very squandered.  But God has had a different plan for me.  One that I am still wondering what He has up His sleeve, but a beautiful one specifically for me!  When He created me, He knew all my days and I just need to be living for Him every moment of every day.  So instead of wanting a bigger and "more important" task, I should be faithful to work heartily at the one He has given me right now.

Our family has a ministry right here in our home.  I don't need to travel thousands of miles away and live in a third world country to serve His babies.  He has brought many orphans into my life to love and show Christ's love to HERE and right now.  I am so thankful for those He has called out!  I'm not saying He isn't calling me somewhere else someday, because I hope He will, but right now isn't the time.  I need to be faithful and use the life He has given me for His glory right now.  I squander so many of the opportunities He brings.  I neglect so many areas that I could be using to bring Him the honor and glory He deserves.  Maybe it's because I know myself too well.  I know my faults and short-comings and know that I can't do things they way they "should" be done and the way God deserves. 
When I think of missionaries, I tend to think of those people living in remote areas, right with the tribes and such.  God uses them mightily as they live and work where He has called them!  But they are not the only missionaries out there.  As Christians we should ALL be missionaries wherever God has us!  While some are called to live in far off lands, some are called to serve in their work place, with their extended family, in nursing homes or their very own children!  It's is all equally important and fullfills the Great Commission. 
 God has grown and stretched me as I wrestled with everything swirling in my head and heart.  I would do it all over again to have learned this lesson. 
Don't waste your life waiting for the right time or opportunity to serve the Lord.  We are where we are for a reason.  There are no surprises for Him!  He has placed each of us the place He wants us to serve Him.  We need to be sensitive to His leading if He is bringing us to another place, but that doesn't mean where we are now isn't important and useful to further His kingdom!