Saturday, February 6, 2016

Longer Term?

It's looking that way!
Originally I had signed up for 9 months-1 year to see if missions was something I felt called to do long term.  Even though I'm only 1/2 way through that, I cannot imagine being anywhere else than in Uganda!  I can see how the Lord had been preparing me all my life for something like this.
What I do here in Uganda will probably alter only a little bit.  I would love to keep the reading classes going, start the girls Bible study I have in the works, continue building friendships/relationships with the kids, etc... but!  I would like to add foster care to that.  As you all know, that is something I am very passionate about and love to do, but it is nearly impossible for me to do in the states. 
Combining missions, a country I love and foster care sounds like a dream come true!  I am still looking into this opportunity, but it's something I feel very strongly about pursuing since I am passionate about it and I know it's a way I can hopefully make a deeper difference in a child's life.  While foster care is "easier" in Uganda than in the states as far as government restrictions and requirements go, I know it isn't "easy" at all... but quite the opposite.  I trust the Lord and know He will grant me strength to do what He has called me to and will make doors open if it is His will.

The special needs kids are very much looked down on and often completely rejected here.  Ideally, I'd love to help special needs kids get healthy physically, form good relationships with their birth families and help them learn to love and care for their children... all while sharing the love of Jesus and His salvation in a 24/7 possition!
I have a lot to do to prepare for all this.  Housing and funds namely.  I trust the Lord will provide, but I also believe I need to do my part in that and not just sit back waiting.  So I have created these t-shirts as a start.  They are available for purchase until Feb 22, 2016 and wil be shipped directly to you within 14 days after that!
I created them keeping versatility in mind.  These could be used for someone who just loves Africa or work for adoptions or adoption gift or mission teams heading anywhere in Africa.  There is absolutely no pressure at all to buy one of these shirts.  I know God will provide if this is what He wants me to do.  But I would appreciate your prayers as I walk this next part of the journey!