Friday, March 29, 2013


Good Friday. 
My Savior died for me, Baby, our whole family, my friends, everyone else here at the hospital, the WHOLE world!  He died to save all of us broken people. 
My mind is every which way these days and I hardly remembered we celebrate our Lord's resurrection this Sunday!  I pray we (and everyone else who is praying for Baby) will remember the sacrifice Jesus did out of love for us.  Why? I'll never know.  But I know He did!  And the same One who held the world in the palm of his hand on that darkest of days is the SAME One who holds the world and this precious baby in His powerful hands today!  So as our hearts and minds are filled with prayers for Baby, let's also remember He has a plan and even when it seems to all be going "wrong", it's still His beautiful and perfect plan!  He works all things together for good!
A friend of ours wrote this beautiful post... I hope she doesn't mind my sharing it.  But it's quite beautiful!

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  1. thank you for sharing that post....beautiful reminder of our wonderful, precious Savior. One day there will be no more tears, sickness, fear, sadness for those who believe in the life giving Jesus!


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