Thursday, April 27, 2017


What is HOPE?

"I hope it doesn't rain today."
"We hope to go to the beach next month."
"I hope it works!"

We use the word too casually. These are wishes only.  The word "hope" can be interchanged with the word "wish" in any one of these sentences.

But what is "hope" for the Believer?  
I believe it is a feeling of expectation for certain things you KNOW will happen.
"Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen" Heb 11:1

I have the honor, joy and privilege of caring for yet another little baby.
A child of my Heavenly Father's

She is created in His image
...for a purpose.

He has a future all planned for her.
And she has a HOPE!

The following is an excerpt from the letter I wrote to her so she can read it when she is older.
Your name may be changed by the time you read this, but as the one who had the honor of being your mother while you were a newborn, I got to give you your first names.  I called you ‘Eva Hope’.  Eva means “life” and I thought that was very fitting because God gave you life and kept you alive even in such circumstances.  I pray that one day you will have new life in Christ when you surrender yourself into His powerful hands and serve Him with all of that life He has given you!  "Life" will take on a whole new meaning!  ‘Hope’ was a name that many people found fitting for you.  God has given you a future and a hope!  “Hope” is an eager expectation of things you know will come and there are great things to come in your life, little one!!  Great things if you put your faith and trust in Him and Him alone!  He is the One who created you, He is the One who chose the womb of your mother for you to grow in, He is the One who kept you alive until you could be rescued, He is the One who brought me to Uganda so I could be here when you needed me, He is the One who kept you out of an orphanage and He is the One who has raised up your forever family who will love you to death.

Please pray with me for this little one and so many others who need loving homes!  Pray that God will open hearts, bring provision and godly families to be the church in this way as He has instructed us to. 

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