Monday, November 2, 2015

Even Me

Here in Uganda if you say "even me" it's like saying "me too". 
Like, so and so says "My favorite color is pink" and another who shares the same favorite color says "Even me". 
Or if someone wants something another has they say "even me" because they want it too.
I have been here 2 months already.  In so many ways it has flown by like crazy!  So much for "Africa time"!  I thought life would be slower paced, but I think life is even busier here in many ways.  We just got back from a short trip to Nairobi Kenya and while it was fun and beautiful I couldn't wait to get back here. 
I missed the kids. 
 The familiar. 
The language. 
The culture. 
 The routine. 
Mainly the kids though. 
 I love it here and it feels like home for now. 
I am not someone who has a vast or well-versed skill set.  So the words that have been continually coming to my mind when I feel under qualified for a task have been "even me". 
God can even use me too.  He uses even me!
There are so many needs here and they are willing to take even someone like me to try and help fulfill the needs.  When I came here I knew there would be many opportunities and options of places to serve and I was praying that the Lord would direct me to where He could best use me.  I also knew that when my time comes to leave Uganda, I wanted to have made a difference somehow... no matter how small.  Giving money or food can solve a here and now problem, but I wanted to find a way to leave a long term blessing even if my time here might not be long term.  I didn't know how to do that though and was praying for the Lord to open those doors for me.  I am very excited about those doors! 
Soon after I got here, the Tuiningas told me that many of the kids in church need tutoring and help with reading.  The schools here have such big class sizes that many, many kids slip through the cracks.  So I started slowly with just one student.  Tomorrow I start a reading class that has 15 students from the church in it already and I also start tutoring one more!  I am just as excited as the kids are for them to be able to read their Bibles! 
Then I was approached by someone who works with the local neediest schools about helping with the special needs kids.  As you know, special needs kids hit a tender spot with me and I jumped at that opportunity. Although if I had known before hand just how many students I'd have, I might have not been brave enough. 
I still might not be brave enough, but I know with God working in me, He can use even me.


  1. Dear Sarah, you have no idea who you are in Christ, He especially uses souls like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is all so beautiful, Sarah! What an incredible opportunity to help them read! I know the kids must be falling in love with you. If you do end up or when you come back, you're going to leave a part of your heart there-that will be your lasting impact. I will try to get you some things out here soon-the kids would love to help! Keep your light shining brightly!


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