Friday, September 4, 2015


Well I am just a few days away from going where I've always dreamed of going!  In a couple days I will hug and say a teary goodbye to my family and set off on a grand adventure to the land of red dirt!  I'm not sure exactly how I thought I'd feel right before leaving, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't this. 
I've already said many goodbyes to the dearest of friends who I am going to miss terribly... but I have yet to feel the emotion of leaving or shed the tears I have quite the talent of shedding.  *wink*
It's strange to hear of the upcoming happenings of my family and friends and realize that I won't be here for them.  Get-togethers, Dr appointments, upcoming sermon series, house projects etc.  There will be many changes and life will continue on here in the states without me.  My room is entirely packed up and mostly moved out.  My sister has wonderful plans as to how she will decorate the room after I'm gone.  My possessions for the next year have fit into 2 fifty pound bags... and that will be more than some of the people I will be living near in just a week.
The other day I realized that my "baby" sister will turn 4 while I'm gone and that fact made me remember that I won't be coming home to a baby, but a little girl!  She'll (hopefully) hit many milestones developmentally.  And while I want her to accomplish them, I'm also sad to not be around to experience and rejoice with her and the rest of my family. 
This certainly isn't a deep or well thought out blog post, but an honest one about what I'm feeling... or not feeling. 

I'm excited to see what the Lord teaches me over this next year.  There will be wonderful and joyful times, but I know without a doubt that there will also be times of struggle that God will use to draw me closer to Himself. 


  1. Oh Sarah, we will miss you & pray for you! A sweeter, more tender-hearted soul we have not met. Live life to God's fullest, friend, until we meet again! Love & Hugs, the Hinthorne Family


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